Why It’s Important To Hire Professionals To Install Your Gutters


Some people often fret about hiring a professional to do a certain home project versus doing it yourself. And with good reason — to a certain extent.

First, there’s cost. Cost is the biggest factor in these decisions. And with the advent of big box DIY stores like Home Depot and RONA, it’s hard to not want to save a few pennies and do the work yourself. After all, think of the pride you’ll have when you tell everyone you did it yourself.

But there are instances where hiring professionals to do a job (a job you probably can do) is the best decision. Risk is a big reason (think about hurting yourself, working on a ladder and falling, or using power tools) and cost once again comes into play. Believe it or not, if you end up doing a job yourself instead of hiring professionals and screw it up, it will end up costing you more in the long run.

Installing Gutters In Vancouver

Right now, we’re talking about gutter installation. And Vancouver has many great, and not-so-great, gutter installation companies available for you to choose from. So how can you know if you’ve chosen the right company or not?

First of all, always get references from past customers regardless of the job you are hiring them to do. Second, get quotes from different companies and ensure that explicitly break down every aspect of the job for you. And if you have questions, ask.

Gutter Systems

You can walk into Lowe’s and find out you can purchase pre-fabricated gutters and install them yourself. But there’s more to it then that. Physics is involved, and math. Gutters come in different shapes and sizes and each works for different types of structures and roofs to ensure the best and most efficient water-draining system for your  home.

It’s important that the area of your roof is properly measured and factored into the calculations of your gutters. Professionals know how to do this and will provide this information during an assessment.

Downspouts also play an important part in the gutter system as that is the mechanism by which the water is redirected away from your home. These too need to be measured and placed strategically to ensure the right amount of water is diverted to each downspout.

And Even More…

Is your roof flat? Is your roof on an angle (if so, what angle)? Do you have multiple roofs? These are just some of the questions that need to be asked and answered by the professionals. Your professional gutter installer will also install your gutters at a slight downward angle, and not completely flush with the building. Why? Because gravity needs to work its magic when pushing the water down the gutters towards the downspouts.

Gutters also don’t just hang in thin air — they need to be held in place with brackets or what is called a “hidden hanger.” These will carry the weight of the gutters, even when they are full of water, and hold them in place.

If your home is dated, then the old gutters will have a different system then what you will currently find in the market. Removing these will also be an issue that you need to be careful with.

So as you can see, gutters aren’t that simple. It’s a complex system that requires much calculation and preparation in order to be perfectly suited for each individual home.