Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal in Vancouver

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The British Columbian autumn can leave a lot of leaves, sticks and other windblown debris around your yard and roof. That won’t leave your roof looking great, but there are other problems to consider. All that damp debris is the perfect home for moss, mold, algae and other growths that can leave unpleasant stains on your home. Call our friendly team for help if you spot any of the following

  •         Large clumps of leaves around your roof and gutter
  •         Green/black stains appearing on your roof or siding
  •         Damp spots in your attic

Our team has been performing roof cleaning for years. In that time, we’ve helped people all over Vancouver and we would love the chance to show you how hard we work for our customers. Here are some great pictures of work we’ve performed in the past—

Questions about Roof Cleaning?

Do I need to clean my roof?

Frequent cleaning is very important for your roof. All that debris can cause real damage to your roof in several ways. Those clumps of leaves, for example, trap a lot of moisture against your roof for long periods of time. This can eventually lead to expensive roof repair.

Anything allowed to grow on your roof, such as moss, will keep growing as long as it isn’t remediated. That means even more weight and moisture that your roof has to manage. Of course, appearance is something that shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Those black and green stains will leave your roof looking significantly worse.

Are moss and other growths bad for my roof?

Growths on your roof may look lighter than the other debris, but that doesn’t mean moss, algae and lichen are less dangerous. Many types of growths leave large and resistant stains on your roof, and they can also damage your shingles if allowed to grow.

How often should I clean my roof?

Depending on where you live in British Columbia, you may need roof cleaning more often. If you are surrounded by trees, or if you live on a slope, you can expect to deal with a lot more debris on your roof throughout the year. It’s important to deal with this debris to prevent damage to your roof.

In most cases, it won’t be necessary to have your roof cleaned more than once per year. Additional cleaning is only necessary if you notice considerable buildup appearing on your roof again after the first cleaning.