Pest proof home storage


The warm climate that makes Vancouver such a nice place for people to live also makes it a nice place for pests to live. Unlike in the rest of Canada there is not harsh winter to kill off undesirable bugs and other critters. There’s also a great deal of rain and moisture, which creates the perfect environment for many pests to thrive in.

While some pests like the everyday bathroom spider can be cute and harmless others can cause serious problems. You don’t want bugs or rodents to make themselves at home. It can be hard to prevent certain types of pests but there are still many steps you can take. How you store your food and belongings can play a big role in preventing or containing a problem.

Here are some simple home storage solutions that can help you keep your home pest free.

Use plastic bins for laundry

If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own washer and dryer the laundromat can be a source of unwanted pests. You think you’re bringing home clean clothes but you can really be bringing back an unwanted problem like bed bugs. Use plastic laundry bins instead of cloth laundry bags. Plastic is easy to clean and prevents pests from hitching a ride. If you really love using your cloth laundry bags make sure to wash them frequently.

Keep moths away from dirty clothes

Moths are drawn to dirty clothes where they chew up the sweat and debris deposited by humans. In the process they chew holes in your wardrobe leaving you miserable. Keep your dirty laundry in a bag or basket that is sealed off. Keep the door to your closet closed to stop them from getting in. Close your dresser drawers. The more frequently you do laundry the less they’ll have to chew on. Moths aren’t attracted to clean clothes.

Keep your kitchen and pantry clean

It may seem basic but having a dirty kitchen and pantry is a great way to attract bugs and rodents. You should clean any area where you eat, cook or keep food frequently.

Elevate food from the ground and away from the wall.

Rodents like mice and rats carry diseases and eat your food. They can become a problem in Vancouver kitchens so you want to take measures to protect yourself. Store food bins on shelves elevated from the ground and with a space between them and the wall. This gap makes it harder for mice and rats to get to them.

Store food in glass or plastic containers

Keep your food in glass or plastic containers with sealed lids. A glass jar is a lot harder for rodents and bugs to get through than a cardboard box. You can wash out plastic and glass jars that food comes in or go out and buy food storage containers.


Store your garbage smart. Keep lids closed and sealed. If you have pest problems take your garbage out the night before collection instead of leaving it in the bin all the time. Generally keep your yard free of debris and garbage. These attract pests and give them a place to hide.