Gutter Repair in Vancouver—Gutter Damage Fixed Fast

For gutter repair in Vancouver, call the friendly professionals at Acrotech at:  604-542-1000.

Gutters need to be in proper working condition to protect your home, and we can deal with almost any problem that’s preventing your gutters from working properly. We provide professional repairs for many gutter problems, including:

  • Leaks
  • Corroded Seals
  • Damaged or sagging sections
  • Loose Downspouts

Our gutter repair services are performed quickly and safely by our well-trained and insured team. We understand gutters so well because we do almost everything with them including gutter cleaning and complete gutter installations. Enjoy some images of the excellent work we’ve done on local gutters

Answers to Common Gutter Repair Questions

What Are the Signs my Gutters need Repair?

Damage to your gutters is fortunately easy to spot in most cases, because it will be marked by escaping water. Dissolving seals are a common cause of leaks, and so are warping and cracks. Sometimes the damage may be harder to spot because the leaks are pooling against your roof. Make sure to inspect your gutters every spring to catch problems that are only noticeable from your roof.

Also, remember that all sections of your gutter should be checked for problems. That includes the joints and downspouts, as well as the fascia wood and soffits that may be under your gutters.

Are Damaged Gutters A Serious Problem?

Problems with even just one section can mean significant damage to your home if it’s ignored for even a short time. Water damage is an insidious problem that can attack everything from your roof to your siding to the very foundation of your home.

We would be happy to help, and we can usually help affordably when problems are caught in time. Let us know about your gutter problem, and we’ll be happy to tell you how we can help.

Can I Fix Damaged Gutters Myself?

Yes, you can. Replacement sections and accessories are available for most major brands, though this may require you to do some metal-cutting to get the measurements you need.

As with any job that typically involves the roof, only someone willing to follow proper safety guidelines should perform the work. Our gutter repair techs are trained and insured for all the work they perform.