Cleaning Gutters: The Tools and The Dangers

If you’ve decided you can handle getting up to the top of your home and cleaning out your gutters yourself, you should ensure that you are prepared with all the proper tools before you begin. It’s also equally, if not more, important to understand the inherent dangers of cleaning your gutters yourself. We aren’t trying… Read More

13 Safety Tips For Using Ladders

Did you know that thousands of people are hurt each year as a result of improper use of ladders? You might think you’re doing something that is quick and easy, but remember when you climb up on a ladder, even a step ladder, you risk injuring yourself. And with all the YouTube videos of quick… Read More


Leaky gutters is the biggest problem with gutters by far, and the most common cause of leaky gutters is a clogged gutter. The problem starts with your gutters at the root. If they are clogged they will eventually overflow or worse, break in certain spots causing leaks. These leaks can be a problem if they… Read More

Pest proof home storage

The warm climate that makes Vancouver such a nice place for people to live also makes it a nice place for pests to live. Unlike in the rest of Canada there is not harsh winter to kill off undesirable bugs and other critters. There’s also a great deal of rain and moisture, which creates the… Read More

Solar panels and your home

Solar panels appeal to homeowners for a number of different reasons. Some of them are concerned about the environment and want to do everything they can to minimize their energy footprint. Others want to save or even make money by not having to pay electricity bills. Instead of buying electricity they get to make their… Read More

Benefits of push reel lawn mowers

Push reel mowers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to mow lawns. They are simple and quiet machines that use an old school technology. Whether you’ve just your first home and with it the first lawn you need to cut or you’re thinking of replacing an old mower you should consider a push reel… Read More

Caring for young trees during droughts

Most young things in our world need extra care and nurturing while they grow. This applies to things including infants, puppies, high school graduates and trees. Young trees that have been in the ground for two years or less are still establishing their root systems and need lots of water to make sure they survive…. Read More

The Pros And Cons of Hiring Professionals

In this day and age of technology, any average Joe can learn how to tackle a DIY (do-it-yourself) project by visiting sites like YouTube, Pinterest, and home renovation blogs. But you should ask yourself, is this something I can do well, or should I hire a professional to do it? There are several pros and… Read More