Benefits of push reel lawn mowers


Push reel mowers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to mow lawns. They are simple and quiet machines that use an old school technology. Whether you’ve just your first home and with it the first lawn you need to cut or you’re thinking of replacing an old mower you should consider a push reel mower.

Called either push lawn mowers or push reel mowers these mowers are a good alternative to motorized electric and gas run lawn mowers. Here is a list of some of the benefits of push mowers.

They are quiet

You’re sitting on your porch or in the backyard relaxing on a beautiful day. It’s the weekend and you are ready to kick back and relax. Then you hear the infernal racket that is the soundtrack of summer: a lawnmower engine starts chugging away. You wish you could hear birds chirping but instead you get the sound of a motor running. Traditional lawn mowers are very noisy. Push mowers have the advantage of not disrupting the entire neighbourhood while in use.

They are simple machines

There’s not a whole lot to a push mower. There’s no engine or cord. It’s not difficult to get them started. They never run out of fuel or batteries. Simple machines have fewer things in them that can break and they’re straightforward.

They are cheaper

Reel mowers start around $100 and can go for as much as $300 for a high end one. Motorized lawn mowers begin around $400. With fewer parts they are simpler to build and use fewer materials. They are less expensive to maintain over time. Another big source of savings is in fuel costs. Push reel mowers run on the calories in your body. You don’t have to pay for electricity or gas saving money.

They don’t pollute

All that it takes to operate a push mower is your body. It doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases or unpleasant fumes. They aren’’t reliant on fossil fuels to operate. Power mowers may be smaller than cars but they still emit a great deal of pollution. Every time they mow a lawn, which can be every week or two during good weather they emit carbon and other toxins into the air. Whether you believe in climate change or not the gas they burn pollutes the air. If you have an electric mower the rate of emissions depends on where your electricity is coming from.

They are better for your grass

Reel mowers cut grass more cleanly than the rotating blades on a motorized lawn mower. The effect is like that of a pair of scissors or shears, which is better for your grass. Motorized lawn mowers tug on the grass and tear it while cutting it. It is harder to take care of grass that is tugged and torn every week or two. Your lawn also looks better after being cut by a reel mower. The cut is clean and even. You can get the look of an MLB baseball stadium or Wimbledon court with one.